Great Deals on Water Floss Aquapick | Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser | Oral Irrigators

Great Deals on Floss, Water Flossers / Water Irrigators

Just like weight loss oral health and hygiene is a multi-component effort. One important column in that effort is flossing! For the best result, it is often recommended that you use either air or water flosser (sometimes refer to it as an oral water irrigation device). Oral irrigators or Water Flossers are also sometimes called water pick as a result of the marketing efforts of one of the most successful companies in this space – The WaterPik! In general, all of these devices operate under the same principal. The objective is to shoot a thin, highly focused, water stream at medium to high pressure. When aimed at your teeth and or gum line it can remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria from between the teeth several time more efficient than a toothpick or even cross stitch floss thread! However, we don’t want you to get rid of your floss thread, not just yet! Water Flossers / Water Irrigators are somewhat bulky and stationary. Even the ones that are cordless were not really designed to take with us to a restaurant, BBQ outing, etc. For these occasions, we suggest you keep some old school floss thread in your glove box and or purse.

What Thread Floss, Water Flossers or Water Irrigators to buy?

At 249Smiles.Com we have partnered up with Amazon to bring you a great selection of thread floss, water flossers/water irrigators all under one environment. If you have ever tried to purchase a thread floss, water flossers or water irrigators you are aware that the options are endless! How do you know what to buy and if you are getting the best deal? At 249Smiles.Com we have been hard at work researching and outsourcing the best thread floss, water flossers or water irrigators in the market today. We have thoroughly looked at consumer report, customer reviews and YouTube video to figure out what to include in our selection. One thing we found out during our research is that whether you talk to dentist, orthodontist and or consumers the market is very segmented and everyone has their preference. However, many of the board-certified dentist and orthodontist we spoke to prefer the water irrigators type. As in the case of Dr. Carmen Briceño Crespi, a board-certified orthodontist in Miami who swear by the Waterpik WP-663 along with PRO-SYS Premium Dental Mint Flossers for when you are on the go! Take a look at our selection of Thread Floss, Water Flossers, and Water Irrigators as we have worked very hard get you the best deal on the products on the market today!

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