Product Features

  • The Natural Dentist Cavity Zapper Fluoride Gel Toothpaste provides maximum protection against cavities and acid erosion - in a base made from soothing and healing ingredients, including Aloe vera.
  • An SLS free toothpaste made WITHOUT artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and without artificial preservatives.
  • The Natural Dentist Cavity Zapper Fluoride Gel Toothpaste's Not Yucky Grape flavor will appeal to your child (and maybe to you, too) in a way that will encourage teeth brushing rather than create the common power struggle associated with dreaded chores.
  • The Natural Dentist Cavity Zapper Fluoride Gel Toothpaste is vegan-friendly. There are no animal-derived ingredients and none of the ingredients have been tested on animals.
  • Every The Natural Dentist toothpaste or rinse come with a money back guarantee. If your child doesn't like Cavity Zapper, contact us for a refund. Our Consumer Affairs team can be reached, toll-free, from 9:00-5:00 ET at 1-888-317-4402.
(as of 08/09/2022 07:49 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The Natural Dentist Cavity Zapper Fluoride Gel Toothpaste is a great tasting kids toothpaste that uses effective natural cleaning ingredients to provide maximum protection against cavities – it’s SLS-free and has no artificial dyes or sweeteners. Your kids want fun and a taste they like from their toothpaste. You want a proven cavity fighter they will use. Our scientists and flavor experts developed this toothpaste to satisfy you both. Cavity Zapper is an SLS free toothpaste with fluoride – a sodium fluoride toothpaste, the safest toothpaste fluoride available. Keeping gums and teeth clean with gentle ingredients helps prevent gingivitis. You want no SLS because it is an irritant included in many products just to create suds. It doesn’t boost cleaning, just enhances the impression of cleaning.

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