Product Features

  • ★ Teeth Whitener 100% natural! Better than Whitening Toothpaste! Free Oil pulling sachet!
  • ★ Charcoal Powder Best Christmas Gift! No TITANIUM DIOXIDE! No FLUORIDE!
  • ★ Charcoal Powder for teeth removes stains! Restores PH of your mouth!
  • ★ Coconut Teeth Whitening Product Natural Whitener! GMO and GLUTEN free!
  • ★ Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening with Bentonite Clay and Coconut Oil! Remineralizing! 100% Safe to use!
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Product Description

★ Charcoal teeth whitening powder was created by professional team special for people who value high quality and safety products.

  • Charcoal teeth whitener is the best way of safety whitening because it contains only natural and organic ingredients.
  • Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder is the best organic alternative to whitening toothpaste.
  • Activated charcoal powder removes any stains (coffee, cigarettes, red wine), and it also removes tongue plaque and keeps your gum healthy.
  • ✔ SAFETY WARNING: Be careful when you open activated charcoal powder for first time.

    ✎ We recommend using it twice per day!
    Use a soft toothbrush to avoid tooth sensitivity and any charcoal powder splashing.
    If you have extra sensitive enamel and gums, or if you have any other tooth problems, consult your dentist before using it.

    ★ PHYTO DENT formula:
    is the most gently whitener for your teeth, it takes care of your smile and oral hygiene

  • Coconut charcoal powder can absorb any bad odor and detoxify your mouth, restore PH balance of your mouth.
  • Bentonite clay makes your teeth remineralising.
  • Orange seed oilmakes additional whitening effect.
  • Coconut oil is natural teeth whitener.
  • Mint flavor refreshing your breath.
  • All ingredients are GMO and GLUTEN free and do not contain chemicals!

    ★ 100% satisfaction guaranteed! PHYTO DENT teeth whitening powder is created with love ❤ and we believe it can improve your life and make you happy! Our professional team uses activated charcoal teeth whitening powder by themselves. If you have any question or in case you think something wrong with our product feel free to contact us and get your guaranty and customer support.

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