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With technology advancing rapidly in every direction, it’s easy to get confused by new products and know whether or not the science is sound. There are always going to be scammers, and new products are coming out on a daily basis so you have to do your research and find out the truth. Here is what I found out about the new, all-natural, charcoal based toothpaste that’s been hitting the market lately. Some Charcoal toothpaste pros and cons.

Charcoal Has Long Been Used For Thousands Of Purposes

Charcoal has been the main ingredient in filters where it can filter out some of the smallest contaminants. It also has been used in certain kinds of poison antidotes because it absorbs some poisons while not causing harm in other ways. People have been using charcoal to make face masks to beautify their complexion because it can absorb skin oils, kill bacteria, and detoxify other chemicals in the skin.

Now, there are companies making toothpaste out of charcoal, and they’re getting rave reviews in some instances. Are these people just trying to sell more toothpaste or is there some scientific evidence to support their claims?

Exactly What Is Activated Charcoal Anyway?

It’s like regular charcoal except that it’s been made more porous, almost foamy if you were to look at it under a microscope. That increases the surface area and increase its effectiveness, up to 10X the surface area, so 10X more effective at whatever you’re trying to get it to do.

Due to its chemical nature, carbon combines with a lot of other chemicals, it bonds with things better than other elements, you might say. That makes it excellent at grabbing the bacteria, food particles, tartar, and other contaminants on your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth.

Then, when it’s washed away, it leaves a brighter, and whiter smile. The charcoal has an added advantage of being gritty, this helps it grind away some of the plaque on your teeth that are like calcified and hard to remove.

Some Dentists Aren’t Sold on The Idea

Some warn that regularly using the charcoal toothpaste might be too abrasive on your teeth, but that occasional used would be OK. Others say that the charcoal is just a gimmick that will soon pass and be forgotten.

On the other hand, you’ll find many proponents that claim that after just a couple of uses their teeth are noticeably whiter and they’re posting their results online on Youtube and Pinterest to prove it. They also claim that they have fixed bad breath problems that have haunted them for years with just a few applications.

So there you have the Charcoal toothpaste pros and cons, you can try it on your own, and there are recipes available online you can try as well. As with anything new, go easy at first and be cautious don’t overdo it. Do plenty of your own research and read reviews left by people that have actually tried it. If you think it’s working for you, post your own review for others to read online.