Product Features

  • PROACTIVE PAINLESS TEETH WHITENING - La La Luster's teeth whitening and cleansing powder renders a white bright smile - It's quick and painless and combats bacteria, plaque, and avoids tooth decay.
  • ORGANIC COCONUT CHARCOAL should be used in addition to your toothpaste, keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Gently brush your teeth for best results.
  • WATCH YOUR TEETH TURN WHITE WITHOUT A MESS - Simple to use instructions make this hassle free and help avoid any mess that alternative whitening kits often cause.
  • ADVANCED PREMIUM FORMULA - The premium organic formula delivers outstanding results without causing pain or sensitivity to your gums.
  • MADE IN THE USA FROM FINE SOURCES - This organic charcoal powder is derived from the finest sources to proactively clean your teeth and gums, without harming the enamel. This product DOES NOT CONTAIN BLEACH OR HARMFUL CHEMICALS
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Product Description

Sourced from the superior quality coconut reserves, LaLa Luster’s proactive charcoal formula is ideal safe to use for best teeth whitening results, while being gentle on your gums. LaLa Luster naturally whitens your teeth through the power of activated charcoal, the best purifiers and detoxifiers, and avoids harmful dental chemicals and bleaches This advanced premium formula will really whiten you teeth over time, and help remove common stains often found on teeth caused by wine, cigarettes, coffee, and cola. Put a smile on your face and watch it turn white!

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