Product Features

  • Stops Sensitivity without Harsh Chemicals, Certified Non-Toxic, Alcohol Free, Preservative Free, Sugar Free, Artificial Dye Free, BPA Free, Dentist Formulated & Recommended, Naturally Derived Ingredients and tastes great.
  • Stop Sensitivity without Harsh Chemicals: The key ingredient, Dead Sea salt contains minerals such as calcium, phosphate and manganese that make teeth look and feel stronger.
  • Alcohol Free and Preservative Free: Oral Essentials does not use alcohol or preservatives to keep our products fresh. We use pasteurization instead, and have picked ingredients that support a balanced and harmonious ecosystem inside the mouth.
  • High-End Mouthwash: This artisanal formula combines French Essential Oils, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Non-GMO Xylitol and Dead Sea Salt to create one of the most forward thinking oral care blends available anywhere.
  • Xylitol & Essential Oils: Xylitol has been used for decades all over the world to help prevent oral cavities. We use Non-GMO Xylitol made from Birch Trees. We use the Highest Quality French Essential Oils to freshen breath.
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Product Description

Founded by Mr. Lee frank on august 1, 1995 for the purpose of producing the very first 100% plant-based human digestive enzyme formula in the USA, called absorb aid. Nature’s sources is dedicated to enhancing the overall health of its customers by offering superior nutritional products, education, service and support, and at the same time being considerate of the environment by utilizing only sustainable products in its manufacturing and distribution efforts.

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