Product Features

  • Features Dead Sea Salt and our tried-and-true blend of natural extracts
  • Refreshing Cool Mint flavor
  • Contains natural and/or organic ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • NO: Gluten, Parabens, SLS, Petrolatum, Artificial Colors or Phthalates
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Product Description

Cares for your whole mouth, leaving it healthy and happy…. Helps to: neutralize the sugars that cause cavities; fight the build-up of bacteria that cause bad breath; soothe irritated gums; and relieve symptoms of dry mouth. JĀSON was born in California in 1959 when a group of independent thinkers sought to establish a new kind of personal care for themselves and their families. Taking the name JĀSON, which means “Healer” in Greek, they rejected harsh, risky chemicals. Instead, they blended simple, healing ingredients to create soaps and lotions crafted according to the JĀSON Code of Honor: 1. Select safe, gentle and effective ingredients 2. Rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy 3. Never test on animals 4. Constantly innovate and improve. For over 50 years the makers of JĀSON products have kept this code and committed themselves to the idea of wholesome personal care solutions that are safe for us, our families, and our planet.

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