Product Features

  • Blend Of 12 Essential Oils With Coq-10, Echinacea, Goldenseal, & Baking Soda For Sparkling Fresh Breath
  • Oral Wound Cleanser/Oral Debriding Agent
  • Used And Recommended By Dentists,Oral Surgeons And Periodontists
  • Alcohol Free
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Product Description

ECO-DENT Ultimate Daily Rinse products are the premium mouth rinse product anywhere. Formulated with no alcohol and with an effective blend of essential oils and herbs, this product is perfect for both daily use as a rinse, or to cleanse and soothe minor mouth irritations or canker sores. The therapeutic level of baking soda provides effective soothing and cleansing action while helping to neutralize mouth acids. This rinse is a most highly recommended mouth rinse product and we know that once you try it, you won’t be disappointed. Available in fresh Mint or tangy Cinnamon flavors.

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