Product Features

  • No.1 BEST SELLER 100% NATURAL COCONUT ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Crafted from only the Highest Quality Materials with no synthetic additives. We have used premier spec activated charcoal derived from coconut shells so you can be sure to expect best Results
  • CRAFTED BY DENTISTS, TREAT YOURSELF WITH CONFIDENCE: DentPrep has been created by a group of fully qualified, practicing Dentists so you can treat yourself to that luxurious smile you always wanted with reassurance over Safety, Quality and Outcome
  • SUPERIOR WHITENING, STAIN REMOVAL & ORAL HYGIENE: our formula drastically whitens teeth & removes nasty stains. It promotes excellent oral health through positively affecting the mouth's pH to help prevent cavities, gum disease & bad breath
  • BRING JOY TO LOVED ONES WITH A BRIGHTER SMILE: with this perfect luxurious Gift Idea for any occasion to spread those Gorgeous Smiles! Say goodbye to those stubborn stains whilst still enjoying your favourite foods and smiling with confidence
  • BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE & GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Made & recommended by dentists & trusted by happy customers across the Globe. We are so confident you'll be satisfied that we have one more thing to smile about; a full refund if you're not 100% happy
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Product Description

DentPrep: By Dentists.

• The Luxury brand DentPrep was created in the USA by fully qualified and practicing Dentists who wish to spread natural, safe and effective botanical cosmetics.
• Dentistry is no longer just a case of filling and taking out teeth. We understand the increasing need to turn to Cosmetic Dentistry, or ‘aesthetic dentistry’, as a way of improving your appearance.
• At DentPrep we use our expert scientific dental knowledge to provide accessible dental treatment for everyone inside our dental clinics as well as outside! We concentrate on using sources that provide nature-inspired beauty from the finest quality raw materials to produce the unbeaten products that keep their promises.
• DentPrep is 100% Cruelty Free: We don’t harm any animals while processing your products.

Regain Your Smile & Confidence: Activated Charcoal Whitening.

• DentPrep Activated Charcoal Whitening powder is loaded with the most effective natural teeth whitening ingredients recommended by Dentists for a Pearly White Smile. This includes; activated coconut charcoal powder & bentonite clay.
• It cleans stubborn stains from Coffee, Tea, Wine, and general Yellow Teeth for that Healthy White Pearl Smile you always wanted! It also eliminates Bad Breath, and aids in battling Gum Disease & improving overall Oral Health!
• From picking the natural raw materials to the delivery for your indulgence, all our products are carefully crafted with <3 in the USA. We ensure only reputable producers and suppliers look after you, who follow the highest manufacturing standards. DentPrep: Superior Customer service.

• We are all about seeing Your Brighter Smile! Not just via our superior professional dental products but also through our Unparalleled Customer Service.
• We pride ourselves on our outstanding Customer Service to give you 100% Satisfaction. We value your feedback. We value your smile. We value your devotion.

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