Product Features

  • ENJOY THE FRESHEST BREATH EVER: with a Dental Duty all natural mouthwash 16 Oz. The cool minty flavor keeps your mouth fresh and clean for up to 24 hours! Remove bad breath, eliminate dryness and swipe away strong flavored foods that stain your teeth!
  • REMOVE PLAQUE & BACTERIA: This activated breath freshener can effectively help you remove plaque, prevent gingivitis and tartar build-up, and minimize lingering bacteria and germs from your mouth. Restore your mouth's natural pH levels and enjoy healthier gums as well.
  • 100% SAFE & NON ALCOHOLIC FORMULA: Our antibacterial mouthwash is proudly made in the USA with 100% all natural extracts, like Tea Tree Oil, Non GMO Xylitol, Aloe Vera and Peppermint. It contains no alcohol, no additives, no binders, no harmful ingredients.
  • SUPPORT BETTER ORAL HEALTH: Improve your overall oral health by simply adding this restoring mouthwash to your daily regime. Freshen up your breath like never before, kill up to 99,9% of bacteria and soothe your dry mouth! And all of these in less than 1 minute and 1 rinse!
  • GET THIS REMINERALIZING MOUTHWASH RISK FREE: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this mouthwash is backed by our 60 day money back guarantee policy! Just in case you don't simply love it. Great for men, women, kids and those with sensitive teeth and gums.
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Product Description

THIS ALL NATURAL ORAL RINSE MOUTHWASH SHOULDN’T BE MISSING FROM YOUR DENTAL CARE REGIME! ENJOY BETTER ORAL HYGIENE FROM THE FIRST USE Whether …  is your morning breath.  fighting an illness.  smoking too much.  struggling with plaque! Now you’ve got this activated breath freshener as your powerful mouth ally! Do Not Compromise With Anything Else Than Perfection When Picking Your Mouthwashes and Oral Fresheners! Invest in this antiseptic mouthwash and find your peace of mind again! Being alcohol free, this mouthwash is safe for everyday use. It is made with highly potent ingredients and extracts so as to prevent tooth decay, periodontal diseases, dry mouth, halitosis (bad breath), plaque and tartar build-up. Support better gum health and worry no more about constant visits at the dentist’s. Forget about burning sensation, numbing tongues, mouthwashes full of chemicals, unpleasant taste, and dryness in the mouth. 7 Reasons That Make This Activated Breath Freshener Mouthwash A Keeper:  All natural and safe mouthwash.  Fresh mint flavor!  Works as a tartar and plaque defense.  Revitalizes gums.  Protects tooth enamel.  Kills odor and bad breath. Fluoride free  Prevents cavities and tooth decay

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