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Choosing an Orthodontist for you and your kids is one of life’s biggest decisions. Your dental health will be improved forever if you take the time to study and discover additional information about orthodontics and its lifetime benefits for you and your family.

Our purpose in putting together this guide is to help educate families on the differences between orthodontics performed by an ORTHODONTIC Specialist, versus a General or Family Dentist. We will also instruct you on what questions you should ask an orthodontist that you are consideringfor your family’s care. Finally, we will explain the different treatment solutions today such as braces behind the teeth.

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There are several things to consider when looking for a dentist in Ontario. One of the things you should consider is

Professional qualifications – The dentist’s office should be able to tell you about the dentist’s training. The office also should have policies on infection control. If the staff seems uncomfortable answering your questions, or you are uncomfortable with their answers, consider finding another dentist. You can also obtain information about a dentist’s qualifications from the local dental society or your insurance carrier. Most organizations of specialty dentists also list their members and qualifications.

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The two most latest orthodontic braces are the clear invisible braces known as Invisalign and the damon braces. A lot of people are going with the Invisalign because they are just that, invisible. The Invisalign braces are more of a clear mold that has been custom made to fit your teeth once the orthodontist has taken x-rays and configured the shape of your teeth to help alignment. Invisalign braces take less time in correcting teeth and more comfortable than any other braces. It is not recommended since the orthodontist wants to see the straightening of your teeth progressing, but the Invisalign can be removed anytime needed. It is, however, recommended that you remove the clear mold before eating or drinking anything. They require no metal brackets, no elastics or wire ties and have less friction than any other braces plus patients can wear them without anyone even noticing that they are wearing them.

The second latest orthodontic braces are the Damon system braces. These are a little less noticeable as they have smaller brackets. These braces are metal and like the Invisalign, the Damon braces do not require any elastic or metal ties. Teeth are allowed to move more freely due to the slide mechanism the Damon braces have which allows a more comfortable wear. Although the Damon system braces are metal, they are composed of 2/3 of ceramic material which can stand wear and tear. The Damon braces are also worn for a shorter period of time compared to the traditional metal braces. Both the Invisalign and the Damon braces are two types of braces that does not take as much time correcting your teeth and are the two that are worn for the shortest amount of time. Your orthodontist can do an evaluation to tell you which ones would work best for you.